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Caring Support for Funeral Home and Cremations in West Reading, PA

Are you facing the challenging situation of planning a funeral for someone that you love? This experience might be one of the most difficult parts of your life due to the grief and emotion that you are carrying right now. It is hard to lose a family member, but you need to press forward to plan respectful end-of-life services for that person. So, it is important that you find assistance for a funeral home and cremations in West Reading, PA.

Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help with all of the planning and preparation that is needed for an upcoming event for your loved one. If you are preparing for a cremation or funeral, then rest assured to know that you don’t need to navigate the industry by yourself. Instead, you need to enlist the services of an experienced team to help with the logistics, paperwork, and other tasks that need to be addressed.

Choose a Trusted Team in the Area

Select a local funeral home so that you can reduce your costs and work with a team that understands your options in the area. We’ve worked hard to build solid relationships in the industry. As a result, our team is here to support with the full-service funeral and cremation plans that you desire. We encourage you to design a customized plan that will support the needs of your family members and friends.

At Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc., we’ve been serving residents in West Reading and the surrounding cities for many years. We are striving to provide a unique mix of affordability and quality services. You can choose from a variety of packages that are available, ensuring the unique funeral plan that will honor the life of your loved one.

The quality of your funeral home is one of the most important factors that will affect the quality of the funeral or memorial. You need to have a team that will oversee all of the details for the event, including transportation, legal paperwork, and more. Our team is here to assist with every aspect of the funeral or cremation process. Not only are we here to assist before the event, but our services continue after the funeral is over. We can help you connect with grief resources and any other support services that are required when the event is finished.

Affordable Funeral Home and Cremations in West Reading, PA

Cost is often a concern for families. Even though the funeral prices are going up throughout the country, you don’t have to carry the heavy financial burden associated with a traditional funeral. You can choose affordable funeral services if you want to maintain some of the traditional practices, such as a cemetery burial and viewing. Or, you can select cheaper alternatives, such as direct cremation.

Look through our pricing list, and you will see that our services are competitive. We believe that every family should have access to funeral home services, regardless of the budget that is available for the event. Just because we offer affordable solutions, doesn’t mean that you will receive subpar support from our team. Instead, we strive to provide a variety of funeral and cremation options, excellent customer care, and low prices to accommodate your financial needs.

You are already dealing with enough by facing the loss of your loved one. Don’t pile on the financial burden at the same time. Instead, you need to lean on the services that are offered by an affordable team that you can trust: Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc.

Funeral or Memorial? Burial or Cremation?

When you choose a team that provides a full-service funeral home and cremations in West Reading, PA, you have the option to customize the event. Consider the preferences of your family members to ensure that everyone has a chance to say goodbye and work through the grief that comes up due to the loss of a loved one.

It might feel difficult to face decisions such as scheduling a funeral or memorial. You also need to determine the best way to lay the person to rest through a casket burial or cremation. These big decisions can’t be avoided, but you can rest assured to know that a caring team is available to help you navigate the industry. We provide various services to accommodate the needs and preferences of every family. Lean on our expertise if you are preparing for a funeral.

For more details about services for a funeral home and cremations in West Reading, PA, you need to talk to the leading company in the industry: Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, Inc. You can come to our location to see the facilities that are available: 444 N 9th Street Reading, PA 19601. Or, call if you need immediate transportation services: (610) 374-0962


What cremation means?

Cremation is the process of reducing the deceased into tiny bits of bones burned into ash through incineration. This means the body is burned in extreme heat through a furnace followed by pulverization of the remaining bone fragments.

Why cremation is better than burial?

From a financial standpoint cremation Reading, Pa is significantly more economical than burial. Also, the preparation of the body before being interred is very expensive. Burial requires embalming, a coffin, and a burial plot on a cemetery ground which is not cheap unless you want to bury a person on your property.

How does cremation work?

Cremation works by incinerating the body by reducing it to its pulverized form. It starts by placing the deceased body into a combustible vessel yet strong enough to support the weight. Then the mortician places the body into the cremation chamber exposing it to extreme temperature leaving behind only ashes. Any metal fragments are removed and the remaining fragments are grounded to their final form. The ashes are then placed in an urn and returned to the family.

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